Automating the search for temporary housing.

Kozi is a digital platform that partners with property and casualty insurance carriers and housing vendors, helping displaced people find temporary accommodations within minutes of a reported loss.

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At first notice of loss,

Kozi makes your job easier from the start.

Integrate and Communicate

Engage immediately after a policyholder reports a loss – intake is automated to avoid wait times.

Delegate and Accelerate

Give policyholders a sense of purpose and control, allowing them to find accommodations that best fit their needs – taking one more task off your plate.

Market and Promote

Customize the experience, keeping your brand front and center – eliminating consumer confusion and enhancing your brand promise.

How Kozi Works

The Customer Journey

Notify and Approve

Kozi engages immediately after a policyholder reports a loss. First, they’ll receive a text message; then, they’ll review a custom list of temporary accommodations approved by their insurance carrier.

Review and Relocate

Within minutes, policyholders can select the temporary accommodations that best fit their needs and relocate right away.

Follow Up and Check In

Policyholders can settle in and communicate with their insurance carrier and housing vendor through Kozi’s automated communications.